torsdag 23. april 2009

The opening.


So, this is probably gonna be my last attempt at keeping a blog going. I'm gonna write about stuff I care about so that it might stay alive without me trying too hard (and just quit after a while).

You'll probably find some thoughts and words about veganism, Flatland BMX, a little music and probably some rants from time to time.

I'm currently working for the first time in over a year and trying to juggle work, riding, making and eating high quality vegan food, have quality time with my lovely girlfriend and friends, sleeping enough and staying posi as hell. I think I'm doing pretty good.

On veganism I'm gonna try and add recipes with pictures for both the raw vegan and regular vegan food I am eating.

On riding I'm gonna try and add pictures if my friends take any of me, my thoughts on riding and what it gives me as well as some videos.

Peace out.


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